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The Order of Giving.

Board Members Wanted 2022

Secretary        Treasurer

The Board Members will maintain Records in Compliance as a 501C3 Charity Organization and make sure Society of Sacred Body Kheronci Events, Programs follow the  Practices within its By-Laws  and Articles.

Executive Volunteer Position

Estimated Time Volunteer: 3-12 Hours Per Month

Society of Sacred Body Kheronci Monthly Meetings  
Held once a Month Every 2nd Wednesday of the Month @ 6pm
via phone, internet and/or in person.

$330 Donation to Society of Sacred Body Kheronci

Domestic and/or International Travel maybe required.  Must have necessary traveling papers ie "Passport."

Mobile Position; Internet Required.

Event Attendance: Independently Access Location
Houston, Texas
Austin, Texas
Dallas/ Fort Worth, Texas


Board Members Wanted 2022


The Secretary shall take, or ensure that someone takes, minutes of all meetings of the committees and Board of Directors, and shall keep copies of all minutes at the principal office of the Corporation.

The Secretary shall see that all books, reports, statements, certificates, and other documents and records of the Corporation are properly kept and filed.


The Treasurer shall prepare a monthly report for the Board of Directors, providing an accounting of all transactions and of the financial conditions of the Corporation.


The Treasurer shall keep all financing records, books, and annual reports of the financial activities of the Corporation at the principal office of the Corporation and make them available at the request of any Director or member of the public during regular business hours for inspection and copying.

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