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The Business of Giving.

Corporate & Community Business Donations

What we share is the common interest in Building a diverse and tolerate community, capable of Healing as a self responsibility,  Society of Sacred Body Kheronci Creates that space and fills it with a multitude of ways to release, express freely, inform and experience innovative healing practices TOGETHER.

Business Meeting

Business/Corporate Support

Employee Benefits-All of your Employees are invited.

Community Outreach Events by SOCIETY OF SACRED BODY KHERONCI-Providing solutions and an outlet for coping with community issues to create a more peaceful solutions and communication overall in the work environment.


EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT  Connect your employees to the cause through fundraising and workplace giving. Multiply employee giving through matching gifts, awareness of Society of Sacred Body Kheronci and its mission and the  experiences, events and service we provide. 


CAUSE MARKETING  Increase sales, build brand awareness and demonstrate your commitment to creating healing and productive spaces in our community that promotes Mental Health solutions. Initiatives include donation with purchase, hosting fundraising events for customers and percentage of sales donations.

EVENT SPONSORSHIP  Reach new and engaged audiences by sponsoring an event and help build community around your cause. Work with our team to make a direct impact in the field by funding innovative programs and event promotion.


FIELD PROGRAM SPONSORSHIP  Work with our team to make a direct impact in the field by funding innovative programs and event promotion.

MOBILIZE A SCHOOL Giving our youth the tools to maintain mental balance and stability through Society of Sacred Body Kheronci Events is a great way to assure a less violent future in our community. Partner with a school in promoting and participating in Society of Sacred Body Kheronci  programs and events that bring community together and  help students conquer the barrier isolation and depression.

MOBILIZE A COMMUNITY Create change at scale by collaborating with a community to connect hard-working rural women, men, girls, and boys with the services and opportunities they need to thrive. 

STRATEGIC PARTNERS  Strategic partnerships align long-term corporate giving with multi-year, joint program development that provides mobility solutions. These partnerships may include launching new initiatives, implementing new developments, and funding programs of excellence.

ADVOCACY PARTNERS  Advocacy partners promote SOCIETY OF SACRED BODY KHERONCI Mission to provide healing and productive spaces that empower creators to expand explore and experience self-value through community building.

Society of Sacred Body Kheronci's objective is to offer 12 Sound Baths for Mental Health and Awareness in the community of Dallas/Arlington/Fort Worth Area.

Thank you for your support.

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